Every day we pave the way to the hearts of our guests. And it is not only through their stomachs. In addition to food and drinks, we have in our arsenal many love arrows: cordial service, cozy interior design, sound, light, luscious visuals... Another arrow that will help us to gain your hearts entirely and permanently will become the smart loyalty program.


Cash back

Upon downloading the Milimon Wallet card, you become a priority guest. Now your time at the places of the Milimon Family Association turns into a fascinating game: eat, drink, dance, chill out, and get money, up to 30% of the check amount.


Bonuses are returned to your account as a certain percent of the accumulated sum of all your orders. The percent rate depends on the rank. The initial status of a new participant of the loyalty program is START (3% of every order). To get the SILVER status, you need to order for a total amount no less than 20,000 rubles (5% of every order).

Скидки до 50%
<Discounts up to 30%

Discounts up to 30%

You can gain* and use points at all the places of the Milimon Family Association in Samara, Orenburg, and Saratov, paying with virtual money up to 30% of the order amount.


Tick off your fingers: birthday gifts, «Happy hours», «Bring your friends», and many other promotions, personal invitations for soirees, tasting of new dishes and wines, concert tickets.



You can get the most delicious dishes of different national cuisines anywhere in Samara at any convenient time if you use services of the Milimon delivery aggregator.

Today, the Association of delicious restaurants Milimon Family includes 15 conceptual brands, 30 places serving different national cuisines, namely: Italian, French, Japanese, American, Uzbek, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, English, Korean, Mexican, and Pan-Asian. Choosing the delicious restaurants of the Milimon Family Association, you take a gastronomic journey round the world. Having downloaded our branded Wallet card, you «travel» with a discount of up to 30% and get various gifts and gain benefits.

* According to the Program Rules, if a guest has not used the app during 3 months and more, the bonuses are cancelled. The cancellation procedure is carried out monthly upon the expiry of 10 days after a push notification. Bonuses cannot be added/used after the pre-check is issued.