About the Association

The Association of delicious restaurants Milimon Family is an alliance of leading restaurants in Russia aimed at the development of the hospitality industry, the preparation and implementation of quality standards, the promotion of eating-out culture, the demonstration of gastronomic success of Russian restaurateurs to tourists and foreign visitors.

Purposes and objectives of the Association

The Association of delicious restaurants Milimon Family was created for exchange of valuable experience and information between the members of the Association, mutual help and support, and transfer of new technologies in the HoReCa industry. The members of the Association undertake to actively participate in operations of the Association, to implement the system of continuous improvement in their restaurants, and to share gained and adopt available experience.

The Association intensively promotes and increases the recognizability of the logo «Milimon Family Association Quality Mark» in the regions where the member restaurants operate.

Main purposes and objectives of the Association:

  • development and implementation of industrial quality standards
  • certification of the member restaurants for compliance to quality standards and permit to use the logo «Milimon Family Association Quality Mark» in the interior design, printed and digital media, and other visualization aids
  • description of business processes of the restaurants and cafes
  • creation of a knowledge base providing access for all the Association members
  • search for food suppliers and negotiations with them on behalf of the Association in order to reduce the cost price of the dishes
  • assistance in the launch of new projects to starting restaurateurs
  • increase of the guest flow in the member restaurants
  • organization of the training center for all the jobs and positions in the restaurant business
  • establishing international cooperation: invitation of foreign chefs for teaching workshops in the Association restaurants.

Association services

The Association of delicious restaurants Milimon Family renders the following services for its members:

  • checklist analysis of the operations of the restaurant that applies for membership, provision of recommendations and enumeration of the improvements necessary to enter the Association and to obtain the quality standard
  • training of the restaurant staff in the training center
  • financial consulting
  • organization of a management accounting system at the enterprise
  • for new projects: help with the choice of premises, designers, suppliers, construction and installation contractors
  • assistance in the organization of advertising campaigns
  • opportunity to join the Association delivery service
  • opportunity for the restaurants’ guests to participate in the loyalty system
  • assistance in the preparation of the document package to sell franchises, selection of the sales channels, and the attraction of franchisees
  • establishment of the international cooperation: invitation of foreign specialists and organization of employee training abroad
  • getting the Association members involved in the public events held by the city and regional administration.